27 March 2011

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Nothing new this week, creeping up on something for GPUgrid.

BOINC testing
6.12.19 came out at the end of the week, so I haven't had a chance to put in on anything yet. Mostly minor fixes. There is a fix for the screen-saver crashing, but I don't use the BOINC screen saver anyway.

Kirk graphics card
I had this machine off during the week. When the weather cooled down on Friday I went to start it up and it refused to boot and just gave error beeps. After digging out a manual to find out what the beep codes were it was complaining about the graphics card. I removed the GTX295 from it and put a GTX460 in there to get it going.

It seems I might need to look at getting the Palit GTX570 Sonic Platinum cards. I am hoping the release on Thursday of the new GTX590 will force the price of the GTX570 to drop, so I can get them a bit cheaper.

New server back
Its finally been sorted out by the shop. The faulty hard drive got replaced a couple of weeks ago and now the memory has been replaced as well. I picked it up on Saturday, but have yet to get him out of the box and swap the functions over from the old P4.

Windows 7 SP1
The DVD arrived just before the weekend, so I ran around updating the machines on Friday and Saturday. They take around an hour to do each machine, except Kirk which has an SSD. It only took about 15 minutes to complete.

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