26 November 2011

26th of November

Happy birthday. Happy birthday. Happy birthday to me :-)

I couldn't help myself. I went back to Akihabara and got another GTS450 single slot card. It was in the display case. They didn't want to sell it to me on Wednesday, but today its marked down from 14,000 yen to 11,600 yen as it was display stock and their last one. When the total gets to 30,000 yen or more you have to pay a 5% consumption tax. This kept me under that by buying in two separate transaction.

That brings me up to 3 of them, which I will probably put in Maul to replace the GT240 cards. It should increase its throughput quite nicely without too much power increase.

I have been in contact with Elsa in Japan and they have managed to find some more. Due to some restrictions they have to sell through their distributor if I want to get them shipped to Australia. I will probably buy 10 to cut down on shipping costs. That will give me 8 to put in the Adventure 2800 and 2 spares. Didn't I mention I got the Adventure 2800? Now all I have to do is get them all home.

GPUUG update
They finished the fund raiser for the RAID box and it has now been delivered to Seti@home. They have two additional targets:
a) 45 x 2Tb server grade hard disks
b) Another server

I have kicked in a bit of money towards both. I am concentrating on the hard disks as they cost less and they are needed for the RAID box thats recently been delivered.

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