12 November 2011

Going on an Adventure

Geetings again from Japan.

BOINC testing - 6.13
The 6.13 client got up to 6.13.12 this week. It contains quite a lot of changes. Given my current location I am unable to test it at the moment.

BOINC testing - 6.12
The 6.12 client got up to 6.12.43 which has a couple of Mac installer fixes and an additional field for Virtual Box handling.

GPUUG website
The GPU Users Group have registered as a non-profit organization. People can donate using PayPal and they then use the money to purchase specifc hardware or software for Seti at Home. Their web site is at http://www.gpuug.org/

One of the items they were after was a RAID enclosure. I gave $1,000 towards it. Other people also donated to it, so that it has now completed that item. There are other items to buy such as 45 x 2Tb server grade hard disk drives.

Going on an Adventure
Remember some time back I posted about the LucidLogix Adventure 2800? Well it turns out they sell them over here through a company called ELSA Japan. They are located here in Tokyo. I have been discussing pricing and availability with them. I may be able to get one of these while I am over here.

They have them bundled in a rack mount case, but I can purchase the motherboard, PCIe interface cards and a 1 meter cable without the case and power supply.

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