29 October 2011

29th of October

Farm news
Greetings from Tokyo. The farm is off because I am overseas.

BOINC testing
We got an almost final version of the 6.13 client (6.13.10) which is expected to become the new version 7 client once testing completes. It sounds like its now stable enough to try this version.

iPad development
Well the developer has given up. He doesn't understand how to install BOINC on a Mac and use the iPad app that he managed to get compiled. I will try and post the Xcode project that he came up with in case its of use to another developer. Its not complete (he didn't do the GUI or convert the code to Objective C) and its fairly big at 144Mb. Its based on the Mac 6.12.36 client.

Project news - CPDN
The project was hacked and some user account details were compromised. The administrators shut the project down and have been investigating the extent of the problem. The project is now mostly running again but trickles aren't at the moment.

They have emailed the effected users to let them know. My understanding is that they were mostly moderators that had their account details compromised.

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