16 October 2011

16th of October

None again.

BOINC testing
We got 6.12.41 during the week. It fixes a couple of memory leaks.

I suggested a change to the way file transfer back-offs are handled. Dr Anderson has amended the process stightly and added these changes to the 6.13 client (which I am staying away from). I will ask if we can get it put into the 6.12 client as well.

Farm news
Well as you can tell the farm is still going, although in a reduced capacity at the moment as its starting to warm up in Sydney. The trip to Japan has been postponed for another week.

Project news - CPDN
Work has been rather sporadic as they wait for work units to be completed before generating more. They have a bunch of hadam3p (regional) work units available to download at the moment.

They are having a problem with the permissions on some of the files so they get stuck in downloading. Until somebody from the project can fix that we can't get the last 2 files that make up a work unit.

Project news - Seti
They are having their fall funding drive. I have made a donation to help them keep running.

We have been having some discussions around how to better use the limited network bandwidth over there. Hopefully some of the suggestions can be implemented. None of them involve hardware, just changes to data formats, compression of requests, reduced information in requests, etc.

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