08 October 2011

8th of October

Nothing new this week.

BOINC testing
We got 6.12.39 this week to give a run. Its pretty much the same as .34 but has a few changes around the virtual box handling and some Mac stuff.

I have made a request on the mailing list to amend the way BOINC handles back-off on file transfers. My idea is to back-off on a per URL basis rather than the whole project. This should alleviate the problem we had last week where Einstein GPU work had download issues and we couldn't get any CPU work which was available from other servers. Dr Anderson has said he'll look into changing the way it works.

Farm news
Things have been chugging away during the week. I have purchased a couple more shelving units. The file server has moved into a rack since taking last weeks photos.

The place where I am working want to send me to Japan for 4-6 weeks as early as next week. That means the farm will be off while I am away. It also means I won't be updating this blog for a while.

The 3 Climate Prediction full-res ocean work units finished yesterday and have been uploaded. Just as well seeing as they take 550 hours and farm will be off.

iPad development
The developer isn't sure how to test it, so I have repeated what I told him before, which was to install BOINC on another machine and use the iPad BOINC manager that he has managed to compile to talk to it. It gets very frustrating when you have to keep repeating instructions, all of this by email. Anyway we will see if he can get it to work.

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