02 October 2011

1st of October

A pinch and a punch for the first of the month.

Nothing new yet, but will probably get to 45 million for GPUgrid tomorrow.

BOINC testing
Well I didn't do any this week. 6.13.6 came out today, but I still don't think its stable yet.

Farm news
They say a change is as good as a holiday. So I have reorganised things. Instead of having the i7's stacked on top of each other I have given them their own shelving unit. This should hopefully reduce the heat a bit. I have also raised them off the floor some more to allow for power boards, which I also replaced.

These CM Storm Sniper cases have a fan in the base blowing air up from the bottom and onto the graphics card which is another reason why I moved them up a bit (less dust/hair from the carpet getting sucked up).

As you can see there are 2 machines on the left and 3 on the right. The last one doesn't have a shelving unit at the moment and hasn't been plugged in.

The cabling isn't tied off. I need to get a couple more lan cables and then I can use cable ties to make the cabling a bit more secure and neat. While I do have enough cables I use color coded ones for some parts of the network.

You can't see it but to the right (and in the middle of the room) is the file server with its UPS and one of the quaddies. I need to sort out some shelving units for them too. The UPS was full of dust so gave it a bit of a clean. The dust filters on the file server were also clogged up so I gave them a clean as well. I was going to wash them but couldn't work out how to get them off.

You can see the graphics from a Climate Prediction work unit on the screen. Its one of those full-res ocean work units that take 550 hours. The figurine on the right is Darth Maul, so you can guess which machine he is standing on.

Project news - Einstein
This weekend they are having download problems with the GPU work. Its been fine most of the week, but this weekend downloads have been backing-off and when they do get through they are very slow. Its probably because of the number of users all wanting GPU work.

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