13 July 2013

13th of July

Farm news
This morning I had the file server off at the shop. While not one of the number crunchers it serves the whole farm.

It was in just for a clean. It was starting to get fairly dusty inside, the CPU heat sink and fan in particular. After killing two KFSN4 machines I don't touch the CPU and would rather pay the shop to handle it. The various other bits I clean myself. Anyway its back to normal duties now.

Einstein supports iGPU
They were testing an app for the Intel iGPU's. That is the HD2500 and HD4000 series of built-in GPU's that are on recent Intel CPU's. As there weren't many computers with the required hardware attached to their beta-test project (Albert@home) they decided to release it on the main project.

All my recent machines have iGPU's in them, although I have them disabled on the machines with other graphics cards. That meant the 4 machines that I have under the Intel-GPU cluster were all able to pick up work. It wasn't all plain sailing. It turns out there was a work-fetch bug that provided too much work (there still is in my opinion). Also I had to download the latest drivers from the Intel web site as the first lot of work unit kept failing. However once over these hurdles they have been going flat out for the last couple of days.

Here is the link to the Intel Download Center for the latest iGPU drivers:
Intel Download Center

Because they work so well I have ordered another machine for my Intel-GPU cluster. They take between 12 and 14 minutes to complete and they require a CPU core to be free.

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