27 July 2013

27th of July

Farm news
The farm continues to process Seti work for the moment. A couple of the Intel-GPU machines are also running the Einstein BRP4 OpenCL app.

This morning I dropped off the P8Z77-V LE Plus motherboard at the shop along with a hard disk and DVD burner. They will be supplying the other bits for this build. This will add another machine into the Intel-GPU cluster.

BOINC testing
I spent a bit of time running 7.2.5 alongside the 7.1.18 and haven't seen any difference in behaviour so far. I have updated a few more machines to 7.2.5 as it seems fairly stable.

BOINC for Android
The Android version has been officially released via the Google Playstore and the Amazon appstore (for the Kindle Fire). You'll need Android 2.3 or later. The following projects have apps for it:
  • Asteroids@home
  • Einstein@Home
  • O-Project@Home
  • theSkynet POGS
  • World Community Grid
  • Yoyo@Home
Check the individual project forums for the minimum requirements (memory mostly).

Parallella news
This is the Parallella Cluster Kit that is now being offered

See http://shop.adapteva.com/ for details. They are now also accepting pre-orders for the Parallella-16 (and the Cluster Kits) for October shipping.
And this is a 42 Parallella cluster that they setup with a total power consumption less than 500 watts. For the full details head over to www.parallella.org

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