23 November 2013

23rd of November

Farm news
During the week I rebuilt the old file server. Its now back to its former self with the RAID controller deciding to work, although I did have to work out how to setup the RAID all over again. I have removed the 56k modem for the time being.

This weekend I picked up a new KVM to replace the broken one. That meant I could now access the machines that it services. They've been off for about a month. There were windows updates, BOINC updates, Nvidia driver updates and even SSD software updates. Repeat that for 5 of them so that took a while.

While I was at the computer shop I also picked up another 2Tb hard drive. Its destined to go into the file server. I'll probably do it tomorrow.

BOINC testing
7.2.28 was release to the public last week. This week they found a problem with notices containing images for one particular project. There was a quick update to disable messages and this version (.31) is now the recommended one.

The Raspberry Pi's still have 7.0.27 in the Debian repo at the moment. 7.2.28 is in the experimental releases so don't expect it to make it into the main repo any time soon.

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