04 December 2013

4th of December

Farm news
On the weekend it cooled down for a while so I had the GPUgrid crunchers running for a couple of days until things got too hot again. I had one work unit that refused to upload so I had to dig out the trusty backup file server and hook it up to the dialup modem in order to get the file uploaded. It took about an hour to get though it.

I also installed the additional 2Tb hard disk in the file server. This gets rather time consuming because of the backup and restore. The installation was fairly straight forward apart from the machine refusing to boot. I tracked that down to a loose SATA cable on one of the other hard disks. The file server now has a 5.45Tb array made up of 4 x 2Tb hard disks in a RAID configuration. I have used up all its on-board SATA ports and I don't think it will support individual drives larger than 2.2Tb due to its age.

BOINC testing
We got 7.2.33 which was also the release version last week. The main change since .31 was some more code around preventing images being displayed in notices.

Parallella news
They provided an update. Once again the expected delivery dates have slipped. We're now looking at the end of December before they are likely to arrive. They had some non-technical issue with the manufacturing which was contracted out.

There is supposed to be an announcement today from them but no indication as to what it will be about.

Project news - Asteroids
They went off line a couple of times last week due to server upgrades. They are off-line again for the next couple of days for another server upgrade, however the sysadmin forgot to warn us before.

Project news - Einstein
They've discovered four "young" gamma ray pulsars. These are new discoveries. You can read the news item which has links to the scientific journal and a press release HERE

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