31 December 2013

End of year 2013

Seeing as its new years eve I thought I would give a final update with some statistics. As you can see from the BSrac (BOINC Stats recent average credit) column I have been concentrating on Asteroids.

For next year I'd like (weather permitting) to be able to concentrate on GPUgrid and if they ever come back Orbit followed by the others. I figure that GPUgrid can help solve medical mysteries and Orbit can help search for near earth objects that could potentially wipe out the planet.

Future plans
As always I keep an eye out for GPU upgrades if they make sense. That is they need to provide a performance gain without using more electricity than my GTX670's (which use 185 watts max).

In the low-power computing area I have a couple of Parallella's coming. Maybe, one day. There should also be more multi-core ARM based machines out next year. We will see.


Anonymous said...

Do you use any mobile computing devices with ARM processors at the moment? If so, any plans to run BOINC on them?

Mark G James said...

I don't think mobile devices are good crunchers. They have problems with battery life and restricted memory and cost more to buy.

That's why I prefer the Raspberry Pi and the Parallella (coming). They have a proper power supply and tend to have a more traditional operating system, usually Linux. It makes them easier to setup, update and use while still being low-power devices.