12 December 2013

12th of December

Farm news
Not much to report. Its been hot so everything is off, except for the Raspberry Pi's.

Parallella news
They got their first batch of bare boards back and they are a blue colour. These were promptly sent off to have the components fitted and the first batch are back and being tested. They expect the initial 200 boards will be shipped before Christmas. The rest will follow as they are completed. I am hoping I will get mine before Australia Day (26th of January).

Project news - Asteroids
They have doubled their work unit size again. This isn't much of a problem for my larger crunchers but the Raspberry Pi's are now taking over 7 days per work unit. Hopefully we can have smaller work units for the slower crunchers otherwise I will have to switch my Pi's over to Einstein (which does have smaller work units for the slower crunchers).

It now takes around 80 work units to calculate an asteroids shape.

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