29 December 2013

29th of December

Farm news
We've had a couple of cool days during the week. I'm currently on 9.6 million and trying to get to 10 million credits for Asteroids. Crunching continues on the Intel GPU's for Einstein as well.

I consider over 7 days to complete an Asteroids work unit a bit too extreme. We asked for smaller work units for slower computers but they weren't willing to have multiple size work units. There is a possibility that may change when they get a GPU app working. Until then I have reallocated all 5 of the Raspberry Pi's to Einstein.

Parallella news
We got another update that they have shipped approximately 130 units so far.

Here is a thermal image of the Parallella. As you can see the Zinq 7010 chip gets rather hot.

This is how it looks when they added a heatsink and fan to provide air flow. As you can see somewhat cooler. They have decided to provide a heatsink with each Parallella for now.

The black chip to the right is the Epiphany which wasn't in use at the time. According to reports from them it too gets rather hot and will also need a heatsink.

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