18 October 2015

18th of October

Farm status
Intel-GPU machines
One or two running overnight doing Seti work (depends on how hot it gets)

Nvidia GPU machines

Running Einstein BRP4 work

Raspberry Pi's
Running Einstein BRP4 work

Parallella and Pi updates
LocutusOfBorg has updated his ppa with BOINC 7.6.12. I have updated both of the Parallella's with it. It has a fix to report the ARM CPU features properly. It also has a fix for reusing slot directories that only effects Linux and OSX clients.

The Raspberry Pi foundation seem to have created their Debian Stretch repositories. Well partially, archive.raspbian.org doesn't seem to have them yet. I have updated the Pi2's (the B+ is upgrading now). Stretch is the testing version of Debian so expect many changes before its release. It does however provide BOINC 7.6.12.

Windows updates
Microsoft have been pushing Windows 10 out to Win7 and Win8 machines even if they didn't select the update. Supposedly this was an error. It seems they are getting quite aggressive with getting people onto Win 10. In the mean time I will look at getting the Intel GPU machines onto Linux as a longer-term goal.

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