01 November 2015

1st of November

Farm status
Currently everything except the Pi's and Parallella's are off. I have been crunching overnight, one week doing Asteroids and another week on Seti. Its usually too hot in the afternoon and evening to crunch.

New builds
No progress on the new builds yet. I did ask the shop if they could come up with a decent power supply around 360w but the nearest they have is a 450w. The i7-6700 that I plan on using only has a 65w TDP so no point in having too big a power supply when I'm trying to reduce the power consumption. I will have to chase the shop up and see if I can get things moving.

For sale
I still have the old i7-970 machines for sale if anyone wants them. I have two. They've been decommissioned from the crunching farm and are sitting around gathering dust. They are in CM Storm Sniper cases which are pretty big so you'd have to be willing to collect from Sydney's eastern suburbs.

The SuperMicro X8STi-F motherboard is also available. It came out of the file server when it got upgraded. It has an i7-920 CPU, Intel heat sink, 6Gb of memory and driver disc. Currently in an anti-static bag.

And lastly I have a collection of various graphics cards from GTS250 (happy to give them away), GTS450SP, two GTX570 and one GTX670.

If you're interested in any of these make an offer.


Stephen said...

Hi are the video cards still available?

Mark G James said...

Yes I still have various video cards for sale. Looking at your profile you're in the Philippines so getting them there might be a bit expensive.