01 July 2017

1st of July

Farm status
Intel GPUs
Two running Seti. One off. Remaining 5 running Einstein gravity wave work.

Nvidia GPUs
Two Ryzen's running Seti. Two i3's running Einstein gravity wave work.

Raspberry Pis
Ten running Einstein BRP4 work.

Other news
I have ordered another pair of Ryzen's, motherboards and memory. These will replace the i3's.

I mentioned last week that I tried upgrading one of the Intel GPU machines from Debian Jessie to Debian Stretch. It won't display the desktop when I log in. I've raised it as a Debian bug. They asked for some more information so I had to reinstall Stretch and give them that. It is switched off but I left Stretch on it in case they ask for further information. If I haven't heard from them by tomorrow I will reinstall Jessie so I can get it crunching again.

The quarterly electricity bill arrived last week. It was $800. The computers are responsible for almost all of it. The higher prices start today.

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