25 July 2017

25th of July

Farm status
Intel GPUs
All running Asteroids work

Nvidia GPUs
Two running Asteroids work

Raspberry Pis
All running Einstein BRP4 work

Other news
I have the other two Ryzen systems installed and running. The Nvidia GPU part of the farm is now 4 x Ryzen 1700's with a GTX1060 in each one.

When I started up the last two machines they gave me a "CPU fan error" which turned out to be the shop had plugged the CPU and case fans into the wrong headers on the motherboard. I had to plug them into the correct ones. I also took the opportunity to remove the DVD drive from each machine. In the dim, dark days when I ran windows I needed them to install it, but these days I boot off a USB memory stick and install Linux from it.

I have pretty much reached the power and thermal limits of the farm in its current location so that puts any further expansion on hold until I can find somewhere else to locate equipment. I will look at adding some redundancy (internet, etc).

BOINC news
There are some moves afoot to improve the BOINC client. At the moment its just a list of what we'd like to see. Its may not actually happen but you have to start somewhere. There are also moves to come up with better source/release management of the client

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