15 July 2018

15th of July

Farm status
Intel GPUs
Three i7-6700’s running Einstein gravity wave work
Two i7-8700;s running Asteroids and Seti work

Nvidia GPUs
Two running Seti work

Raspberry Pis
All running Einstein BRP4 work

Other news
Asteroids ran out of disk space last week so I wasn’t able to upload completed work. They took the project down for a couple of days so they could copy the data across to a temporary location. There are reports they’ve run out of space again today. They have a storage server coming but when it will be available is not known.

CPDN aka Climate Prediction came back last week after being unavailable for 3 months. Their virtual machine images had all been corrupted so they were forced to restore back to March and rebuild many components. They don’t have much work available and tasks that were in progress before are no longer recognised. I don’t have any machines attached to the project as they don’t have 64 bit science apps (32 bit apps need extra non-standard libraries to run under Linux). I’d like them to build 64 bit apps as that would mean we don’t need the other libraries. OSX meanwhile is going 64 bit only so hopefully we can get some action on this front.

BOINC 7.12 released
The latest version of BOINC was released. The main changes are to support Science United which is like an account manager for BOINC. It allows computer clusters to let the public run some of their tasks. For more information see https://scienceunited.org/

The Linux build is yet to reach stretch-backports so I haven’t given it a try. There is already a 7.12.1 which hasn’t even made it into Debian.

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