25 August 2019

25th of August

Farm status
Intel GPUs
All off

Nvidia GPUs
Have been running Seti, now running Einstein.

Raspberry Pis
Running Einstein BRP4 work

Other news
I assembled the 4th Ryzen 3600 (aka GPU compute node v3) machine and have had it running in. I also have it on a power point power meter to see how much juice they use. At peak load with the  CPU and GPU fully utilised it jumped to 240 watts (at a supposed 240 volts - according to the meter its getting 236 volts). Running Milkyway work on the GPU is less taxing and it barely gets to 200 watts. Running just the CPU at full load its using 140 watts. Idle was 60 watts.

It was a bit warmer yesterday afternoon so I had to stop GPU crunching, hence running Einstein gravity wave work on the CPU only. The Ryzen 3600 is faster than my i7-8700 machines doing the same work. Both CPU's have the same core count but the Intel has a lower clock speed (3.2GHz base) and doesn't support memory faster than 2666MHz.

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