14 September 2019

14th of September

Farm status
Intel GPUs
One running Einstein Gravity Wave work

Nvidia GPUs
All four running Einstein Gravity Wave work

Raspberry Pis
All except two running Einstein BRP4 work

For news on the Raspberry Pis see Marks Rpi Cluster

Other news
I've been working on one of two storage servers for the past two weeks. Its a hard disk based server in a 2U rack mount case. Hardware wise its all working, but the software is causing problems. I can't get ZFS installed on it. It fails to build. I've tried different Debian releases and all of them seem to be broken. I bought this one almost a year ago. It was intended to replace my current (tower case) server which has less drive bays, thus limited scope for expansion.

I mentioned two storage servers. The other one is a NVMe based one in a 1U rack mount case. Apart from the fans being really loud and annoying its hardware also works fine. It too needs to run ZFS so I have been trying to get the quieter one going first.

I have updated the Intel GPU machines to Debian Buster. Unfortunately Buster locks up on the Nvidia GPU machines and won't even give a logon prompt. Time to raise another bug with Debian.

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