03 March 2009

Not much progress this week due to heat once again. The newer 9800GT certainly runs hotter than the prior version, but would appear to be approx 12% faster than the older card, at least for GPUgrid work.

I had a few dramas with the optimised Astropulse (AP). I chopped a bit too much out of the app_info supplied when putting it together with my existing file. The result was the wrong version app running the newer AP 5.03 work units. Once I realised I aborted all the AP work and fixed app_info. About that time Seti@home added an option that by default disabled the sending of Astropulse 5.03 work. So after a couple of days of not getting any new work units I found this out and enabled them.

I am trying to get Seti over 3 million credits. This means I will be installing the cuda application on the two cuda-capable machines so they can use their gpu capabilities, once they complete their current batch of GPUgrid work.

The i7 was ordered, however the computer shop advised they didn't have stock for 2 weeks. Sounds familiar? Supposedly they will have stock mid-march.

Highlights of this week
  • New version of BOINC, now running 6.6.11 on both cuda-capable machines
  • Updated drivers to 182.06 on both cuda-capable machines
  • New optimised Astropulse app installed on all machines

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