08 March 2009

The only things to report this week are about BOINC upgrades. The farm is continuing its progress to the elusive 3 million credits for Seti. Current estimate is about 10 days.

With the release of BOINC 6.6.14 did some experimenting with trying to get a different science applications to run for the same type of work units (seti multibeam). Seti have a cuda application and a cpu application. They use the same application name but different version numbers. It looks like it may need the scheduler (which runs on the server) to be upgraded first.

Also related to the BOINC version, I tried the Team mod from Raistmer but it didn't work under 6.6.12. It looked like it would run under 6.6.14 but I couldn't get any seti cuda work to try it with.

Highlights of this week
  • New versions of BOINC. Started off the week with 6.6.11 and now i'm testing 6.6.14.

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