28 March 2009

A week of Ups and Downs

Tonight we just finished the "earth hour". I switched off the power in the house for an hour. For light I had a couple of candles going. Its now over so the power is on and so are the computers.

This week has had its ups and downs.

On the up side Darth Maul joined the farm and is crunching away.

On the down side the Seti@home file server had a hard disk failure and hasn't been sending out any work for a while. It is back in a rather limited fashon and producing small amounts of work units. The Einstein@home file server also failed and so its not downloading or uploading anything and the website is gone too. That leaves GPUgrid and Orbit@home for work. GPUgrid is working but not all my machines have GPU's. Orbit hasn't had any work for months. So basically the farm is almost out of work. I have attached one machine to Climateprediction but it wants to download over 150Mb to get started, so that will have to wait until my ISP's off-peak hours (1am to 7am).

I have continued BOINC testing. The current version is looking stable enough now to be released. I have 6.6.18 on one machine and 6.6.17 on all the others.

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