04 April 2009

GPUgrid 500k

I reached 530k for GPUgrid today. Below is their certificate. The new GTX260's cards seem to be ripping through the work (about 6 hours per GPUgrid work unit).

I have one machine sitting around idle as I haven't got power, screen or a mouse to have it working. Not to mention the amount of heat these things generate. It alternates between Yoda and Obi-Wan at the moment, taking turns to sit on the floor unplugged.

Still waiting for nVidia to release the GTX212. Hopefully that will be more suitable for all the quad-core machines. I still have two 500w power supplies sitting in their boxes waiting to be installed for GPU upgrades.

Highlights of this week
  • GPUgrid passed the 500k milestone
  • BOINC 6.6.20 is out, so will be upgrading the machines to that
  • First lot of CPDN work finally finished (they take a week)
  • The farm is getting close to 5 million for all projects

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