17 July 2010

17th of July

I managed to hit 4 million credits for Einstein during the week. GPUgrid is coming up on another milestone too, but I will mention it when I get there.

Seti Limits
It appears the guys at Seti added limits on the number of tasks that can be distributed. This is so they don't overload their sever when the project comes up after a outage. They are currently having 3 day scheduled outages per week. They slowly increase the limits as the demand for work drops off. This way it allows all users a chance to get some work immediately following the outage.

GTX460 release
The long awaited GTX460 based on the GF104 was released last week. As expected the guys at GPUgrid are usually the 1st to rush out and get one. They are currently tweaking their science apps to work with it.

I was waiting for them and have ordered a Factory OC'ed one. Initial reports are promising about performance. They are also faily reasonably priced. The entry-level cards are around $200 USD.

BOINC versions
6.11 versions are now out for testing. Not sure whats in it as there hasn't been any mention of it in the mailing list. I'm still running 6.10.58 on my machines.

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