31 July 2010

31st of July

I passed 20 million for GPUgrid this week. Below is my certificate.

Seti cuda app testing
I've been beta-testing a revised Seti cuda application on various machines, that have different graphics cards. There are both cuda 3.0 and 3.1 versions. I ran the cuda 3.1 version on a GTS250, GT240 and the new GTX460 card. All worked fine for me and were an improvement on the older app run time.

There have been reports of problems with mismatched graphics cards and Jason G has been trying to improve that area of the application. I expect a revised version for retesting.

I'm looking at a Drobo for some additional storage. They are basically an external hard drive box. However unlike a normal external drive some versions hold up to 5 drives. You can mix drives and capacities and it handles the data redundancy by itself. They seem to be around $550 for the USB and $950 (prices in AUD) for the ethernet version with no drives. This seems a much simpler solution to adding storage capacity without having to build your own RAID array.

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