25 July 2010

25th of July

None reached this week, but GPUgrid isn't far off one.

BOINC versions
We have the 6.11 family at the moment. 6.11.3 being the latest. Changes to the manager include a new Notices tab and the Messages tab has been removed. The messages have been relabelled as an Event log and open in a new window. The tasks tab columns have been rearranged.

Like anything new its causing some people angst, but I think its better. They will be adding RSS feeds into the Notices tab. Its still a work in progress.

Well I got one of these. There are a few varieties of them. I will do a seperate blog post for this with some pictures.

GPUgrid science app
The guys from GPUgrid had a few problems with their app not working
a) for cuda 3.1
b) the GTX460

They have worked around the cuda bug and it will run with the GTX460's now. Performance is disappointing as it doesn't use all the cuda cores, but they will be addressing that after their summer break.

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