14 September 2010

14th of September

Passed 100,000 for Orbit.

The farm has been concentrating on Orbit seeing as they had a small run of 300,000 work units, which seems to have now been completed. I was also running GPUgrid work as Orbit doesn't have a GPU application at the moment.

The SkySurvey app takes the i7's about 1 hour 26 minutes to complete. The project is set to replicate to 3 computers but the first 2 to return them get credit. If the last computer hasn't started it will be aborted by the project and if it has started it simply wastes its time. Not so good for the crunchers, but gives quicker turn-around for the project.

Due to the sheer number of work units flying around their server ran out of space for uploads last weekend. They managed to find room a few days later so we could upload completed work. Apparently they have requested extra funding for additional disk storage.

They are expecting to present their results in October and test it on real telescopes in mid-October, hence their need for results to be returned quickly.

GTX460 returned
I returned the 2nd card as it was giving errors when starting up the machine. Its symptoms were no display and the error beeps at power up indicate no VGA card found. I have put a GTX275 into Chekov to give it a usable GPU.

Of course it worked for the computer shop, but they are still trying to reproduce the error.

BIOS update
As part of the attempt to fix the problems with the GTX460 I downloaded the latest BIOS and installed it on Chekov. It made no difference. I also installed it on Maul as it has 3 x GT240 cards at the moment.

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