26 September 2010

26th of September

Not really a milestone, but I hit 27 million for GPUgrid.

Project news - Orbit
After last weekends outage they came back up around midnight Sunday (Sydney time). Since then we have finished off last weeks run, did another one during the week and judging by the number of work units ready to send we're on the 3rd run.

Project news - Seti
They went off the air due to filling up disk space on their upload server. They are in the process of rearranging servers, but will have to bring forward plans to next week. That leaves lots of work on peoples machines that we can't upload and report. There is no new work available to download.

The fund raiser was for a new science database server. They think they will be able to order it in about a weeks time and then a couple of weeks for delivery. After that probably another week or so for them to set it up the way they want.

Starting to warm up now we are in spring. Currently the loft is 28 degrees. As a result I have to cut back on processing.

BIOS updates
As I mentioned a couple of posts back I updated the BIOS on Chekov and Maul a couple of weeks ago. I ran around and did the rest of the machines this weekend to bring them all up to the same version.

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