04 September 2010

4th of September

Nothing new this week. Coming up on one for Seti, so I might concentrate on it for a little to get it "over the line".

Remember them? Well they just dished out 300,000 work units and a new Sky Survey app. You don't hear a peep out of them for 6 months and then they just put out some work. The latest news item was in March.

The work units aren't too big to download, unlike some other projects. Current estimate to completion is 2 hours for my i7 machines, and they want to be back in 5 days. The last lot had a year to complete. Apparently they are planning on presenting the results at a conference in October.

Well I picked him up from the shop. He's been transplanted from a CoolMaster HAF 830 case to a CM Storm Sniper case. The power supply has been downsized from a Corsair 1000 watt to a Seasonic 750 watt. I still have to get him out of the box. I'm just waiting for one of the quads to finish off its Einstein work before I do that.

Quaddie trashes its work
For some reason BOINC decided to trash all the work I had on Qui-Gon. I had logged off as my normal BOINC user and switched to another user (to apply Windows updates) when it started up BOINC and deleted all the work units. Why it even started up I don't understand as the box for "always run at startup" was unchecked. When I log back on as the BOINC user its got no work. The logs have a heap of error messages.

Once its finished its Einstein work i'll detach and re-attach to release any work units that the 2 projects think its got. If I don't they will have to wait and time out.

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