16 June 2012

16th of June

As you would have seen from the 2 previous blog posts I spent a bit of time last weekend testing the Adventure. I still can't find a case for it. Its currently packed away again until that gets sorted out. I can't believe nobody makes them over here in Australia, not even a custom built one!

BOINC news
In BOINC land they have been busy switching from using subversion to GIT, so nothing much new development wise.

I have asked for the GPU enumeration to be expanded as BOINC is currently limited to 8 devices but the drivers allow for 64. Dr Anderson has agreed to look into this. We can't stuff that many GPU's into a single machine but some people have managed to put more than 8 in a machine, even I can do that using the Adventure.

Farm news
I have ordered a couple of GTX670 cards which will be used to replace the GTX570's. The 570's will be up on eBay in about a week or so if anybody wants them. Hopefully GPUgrid will be releasing their CUDA 4.2 app to the mainstream fairly soon as it is still in beta testing.

I have been testing the x41x Seti GPU app from Jason G. Its built using CUDA 4.2 and seems to be faster than the older CUDA 3.2 x41g app. It also seems to be more reliable as I haven't seen any -12 errors that pop out from time to time with the older app. This also fits with future GPU upgrades as Kepler-based cards seem to need apps built using CUDA 4.2 to get the expected performance boost from having so many CUDA cores.

Crunching for the other projects continues. I have finished all the Climate Prediction work units that I had on various machines. They now are out of work. In the mean time Einstein is making steady progress, but I am yet to find a Pulsar.

GPU Users Group news
The GPUUG have got 2 current fund raisers going:

  1. UPS - It consists of 6 x UPS and 5 x surge-protected power strips.
  2. Green Bank data transport package. It consists of 3 x hard disk transport cases and 20 x 2Tb hard disk drives. A couple of the cases have already been supplied but they haven't raised enough for the hard disks yet.

Project news - Seti
In the last week or so Seti had a number of power issues to their building that resulted in one server "Thinman" and a couple of new work stations getting fried. This is why the GPUUG have started a UPS fund raiser.

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