24 June 2012

24th of June

Farm news
As you would have noted from my previous post I got a pair of GTX670 graphics cards. They have been installed and have been running GPUgrid pretty much non-stop since. I haven't had any issues with them, simply swapped out the GTX570's, reinstall drivers and off they go.

I also did a bit of cleaning. The UPS which looks after the file server was given a good clean out (full of dust due to having a fan that runs flat-out all the time). Once I got it all put back together and turned on I get a loud rattling sound from the shelving unit. I tracked it down to the file server which sits above the UPS.

So I take the file server off the shelving unit and pull one side off and have a look around - nothing to see. I put it back together and power it up while its sitting on the floor, all normal so back on the shelving unit. Power it up again and the rattle returns. I take it down again take the other side off and have a poke around, notice the heatsink is covered in dust, give it a quick brush and blow out and then find the fan at the bottom of the case is loose. I tighten its screws up and off we go again, all quiet this time.

GPUUG news
I made a donation to the UPS fund raiser and finished it off. They have now ordered the parts and shipped them to the Seti@home lab.

The hard disk transport package is still going and looking for donors.

Project news - GPUgrid
They have been beta testing their CUDA 4.2 science app. This has now been rolled out to their "normal" users with up to date drivers. This was good timing for my recent GTX670 installation. I don't get any long work units at the moment so it hasn't been applied to all types of work (they have beta, normal and long work queues) but I expect that will be updated soon.

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