03 June 2012

3rd of June

Not much to report this week. Crunching continues on the farm...

Project news - Einstein
They've discovered 9 new pulsars. 7 are in the Parkes data and 2 in the Arecibo data.

They are also sending out framed certificates to the users who find these new pulsars. Unfortunately I don't seem to have come across one.

Project news - GPUgrid
As mention last week they are beta testing new apps. It seems CUDA 4.0 will be the minimum version and CUDA 4.2 for the Fermi and Kepler based cards. All of the latest batch of CUDA 4.0 ones failed for me and a number of other users.

Project news - Seti
They were off-line for a few days while they repaired the faulty power cable on campus at UC Berkeley.

They also have a badly thought-out feature where they have limited reporting of work to 64 work units at a time. They introduced this limit as users get an "HTTP Internal Server Error" at some point, believed to be above 1000 work units. This has lead to much frustration as many machines have well over 64 work units to report, mine included. It also created another bug where it tries to resend some of the tasks as "lost tasks" even though they were just reported.

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