26 May 2012

26th of May

Farm news
The farm has been chugging away all week with no dramas. During the week I tested the Nvidia 301.42 drivers on one machine. This weekend I took the opportunity to upgrade all the machines to it. I also upgraded the BOINC client to 7.0.28 so they are all the same.

Nvidia releases 301.42 drivers
Nvidia has released updated drivers. Nothing new in that, except this version addresses the "sleep bug" that the 295.x and 296.x drivers introduced for Windows. That means it should be safe to upgrade to this version so you can run CUDA 4.2 apps.

Project news - Einstein
I forgot to mention last week that Einstein have an OpenCL app for the ATI graphics cards. Its been in testing for a while on Albert@Home (the Einstein beta test project). It has now been released on the main project.

They also discovered 3 new pulsars in the data from Arecibo.

Project news - GPUgrid
They have been beta testing a CUDA 4.2 science app for a few weeks. They will be rolling it out publicly next week. The normal sized work units will still use CUDA 3.1 for the time being with the CUDA 4.2 app being used for the "long" work units.
Linux users will need 295.x drivers (or later) and Windows users will need 301.x drivers (or later) to run the new science app.

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