05 May 2012

5th of May

I bought this on eBay seeing as the computer shop couldn't get one. Its an i7-970 cpu. There is a headsink in the box too which is the main reason why the box is so big. I don't need the heatsink.

This one is destined to upgrade Spock from an i7-920 (8 cores @ 2.67Ghz). I have already upgraded its memory and ordered an SSD for it. They tried to deliver the SSD on Friday except nobody was home at the time. The computer shop don't have a Corsair H80 in stock, so I will have to wait another week before it can get done. This will make it the same setup as the other 12 core machine:

Intel i7-970 CPU (12 cores @ 3.2Ghz)
Corsair H80 water cooling
12Gb DDR3 memory
120Gb SSD
500Gb HDD
GTX560Ti graphics card

BOINC testing
We got 7.0.27 this week, which has a number of changes. Currently I have it running on my usual test machine without any issues.

CPDN project news
A couple of their upload servers crashed with hard disk errors last week. They managed to get one back up fairly quickly but the other took most of the week. It was back online and uploads going through but is now reporting a problem with one of the log files.

I have made a couple of donations to them so they might be able to replace some of the hard disks. I have asked how much they cost as I don't know how much a server grade 2Tb hard disk is in the UK, for that matter I don't know how many drives they would need.

GPU User Group news
They did a couple of quick fund raisers to supply a new RAID controller card with battery backup and 4 x 24" monitors for the project staff at Seti. Both have been delivered. The staff were quite impressed with having new large screen monitors. Matt (one of the project staff) posted a picture of his desk looking nice and neat using some books to stand the monitor on.

Quake Catcher project news
They also went off line for a few days. Now that they are back online it looks like they have updated their web site.

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