13 May 2012

12th of May

Another SSD
I installed the Intel SSD in Spock on Monday. I copied all the stuff over from the hard disk, repartitioned it, formatted it and then copied a few things back. Adjust the defrag settings and run the SSD toolbox software and its done. The 3 main crunchers now have one each.

Heart transplant
This weekend I went off to the computer shop with Spock and the i7-970 CPU I mentioned on the 5th of May. It had its CPU transplant and a Corsair H80 cooler installed. Its been having a bit of a work out this afternoon when I got back home.

I have also had a look at the Corsair-Link solution to see if it might help with cooling. It allows monitoring various sensors in the machine and adjusting the fans and/or H80 cooler. Its both a hardware device that you plug fans and the H80 into and software for controlling them. They sell in the US for $100 each. I am not sure about Australian pricing.

GTX570 for sale
The GTX570 that was removed from Spock is now up on eBay. It turns out I had the original box with all the bits in it, so its packed up again and ready to go to the highest bidder.

GTX670's are out
Nvidia have now released the GTX670's based upon the Keplar chips. I have been having a bit of a look online as possible replacements for the 2 remaining (factory overclocked) GTX570 cards that I have. The Palit ones look quite good, but I need to see if there are any real world examples of people using them for crunching.

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