22 May 2012

22nd of May

Not much to report this week. The farm had the weekend off as I went down to the snowy mountains.

There has been a number of changes to their web site. A few people have complained that they have to use multiple tabs to see things now, where as before they were on a single page. I haven't looked at my stats recently so can't comment on the changes.

Farm news
Apart from the weekend off its been crunching pretty flat-out on 3 of the machines.
The GTX570 in Sulu is starting to build up its RAC (recent average credit) as its been running constantly for about 2 weeks now. Its currently up to 90,000 which is pretty good for a single GPU.

The older EVGA GTX570 was sold on eBay, so its off to a new home. As I mentioned before I am looking at GTX670 cards to replace the remaining Palit GTX570's with. There is about 60 watts of power saving between the two generations of cards.

GPUUG fundraisers
The GPU Users Group have been doing a couple of fund raisers.
1. A hard disk transport case so they can ship drives between telescopes and the university.
2. Another hard disk transport case and 20 x 2Tb hard disk drives, again for transporting data.

I have donated a bit to both. Actually one was meant to finish off the 1st fund raiser, but I picked the 2nd by mistake. To fix it up I made another donation.

Project news - Seti
They spent most of last week off line due to a power failure. They are now back on-line and everything is up and running.

A 15kV underground power line heading from the campus power substation to the hill where the Space Sciences Building is located, shorted out around 2030 on Tuesday night. PG&E, the local power company, spent two days crawling the line from manhole to manhole looking for the problem. Apparently while looking for the first short, they managed to cause another short in the line.

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