14 June 2014

14th of June

Farm news
The Intel-GPU machines are all running Seti work. I also have the dual GTX660 equipped machine running Seti. I am currently on 18.3 million credits as I write this. The aim is to get to 20 million credits as Seti has fallen behind some of the other projects. The Parallella's and Raspberry Pi's are doing Einstein work.

We got a bunch of windows updates this week so I have been running around this morning getting all the machines up to date. Its takes a bit of time to get through all of them.

Debian Jessie also had a number of updates so the Raspberry Pi's got updated as well. It also gave them BOINC 7.3.19 which I have been running on the Windows machines for a while.

CPU upgrades
It seems there are some newer Intel i7 chips due out soon. The Haswell-E series are expected to be released in Q2 this year. I still have a couple of i7-970 machines that being the oldest of the number crunchers are due for replacement. There is talk of 8 core (16 thread) CPU's in the line up. Unfortunately it will mean new motherboards as well, so I will end up replacing both machines completely rather than reusing parts.


Anonymous said...

What are you going to do with the old parts?
:) I am still using Intel Core 2 Dual for my school project :)

Mark G James said...

The old machines will be sold off. Given they are water cooled (Corsair H80) I will sell them as a complete system. I have 2 of them.

Once I have a replacement I'll post some details.