28 June 2014

28th of June

Farm news
The farm is running down. Having reached a RAC (recent average credit) of 60,000 for Seti its going to be taking a break. I am travelling for a few weeks so the farm will be off.

I have been running one dual GTX660 machine and 5 Intel GPU machines exclusively doing Seti work for the last 3 or 4 weeks, so they can catch up to the other projects. Its currently around 19.1 million with the target being 20 million. The Parallellas and the Raspberry Pi's have been running Einstein work.

The first Pi has been regularly locking up, but its running kernel 3.12.22 and the others have 3.12.20 and they work fine. It also has a 16Gb SD card and the others have 8Gb cards, none of which should make any difference.

I spoke with my usual computer shop regarding the Haswell-E CPU's but they have no news at this point so maybe when I get back they will know more. It also looks like the latest Nvidia GPU's will be delayed so no upgrades in that area either.

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