19 December 2009

Another one upgraded

BOINC versions
Another new version out this week, but I haven't installed it yet. There are a couple of complaints about the amount of CPU time its taking and of cuda tasks being stalled.

Christmas donation drives
Both Seti and GPUgrid have donation drives running. If people would like to donate please use the links below. As mentioned in last weeks post, I made a donation to Seti. In fact to keep things fair I even did one to GPUgrid.

Seti: http://setiathome.berkeley.edu/sah_donate.php
GPUgrid: http://www.gpugrid.net/gpugrid_donations.php

Maul upgraded to Windows 7
Well I decided to be brave and upgraded Maul from Windows XP to Windows 7. The software side of things installed fine without any issue. I was expecting the fact that it had dual GTX260's might cause issues, but they were both found by the nvidia drivers and seem to work fine.

I then went to upgrade the memory and the 1st packet (3 x 2Gb modules) wouldn't work, nor the 2nd. The machine refuses to even POST with the 2Gb modules installed. I put the 1Gb memory modules back in, had to reset the BIOS and its back off and running. Its a standard ASUS P6T so they should work unless both sets are faulty. Possibly its got an older BIOS as it was the 1st of the P6T's that I got.

Yes its been warm most of the week, with one day being hot. So the all the machines were powered off for that day. Usually if its warm i'll only run one or two machines because of the heat they produce. This doesn't do too much for my crunching scores, with my RAC (Recent Average Credit) falling from about 60k per day to around 40k at the moment.

Even the router has been locking up on the warm days so its probably on its last legs. I bought another one today, so if it fails I can just swap it out.

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