12 December 2009

GPUgrid 7 million

Well I hit 7 million for GPUgrid today. This is quite good because the machines with the GTX295's have been off for most of the last month due to the heat. They only get to run overnight when things cool down a bit. Below is my certificate

ATI drivers and things
The machine with the HD4850 (Chekov) had its beta drivers removed and I installed the Catalyst 9.11 drivers. I found a Milkyway 64 bit GPU app version 20b which I also put on it. This got the milkyway app back to working.

I reseated the RAM modules in Chekov as its been giving the "blue screen of death" as its known (a crash dump at start-up). This had the effect of removing the crash dumps but I have noticed the Einstein work units are getting computation errors. I guess the RAM is faulty so i'll swap out the set thats in there and replace with another set of 3 x 2Gb modules.

Nvidia 195.62 drivers
I've been installing these on the machines that don't have them. They support CUDA 3.0 and OpenCL 1.0 code. The DLL files for CUDA 3.0 however are still in beta testing, so they aren't available to the general public yet. Unfortunately the drivers didn't fix issues with the GPUgrid app getting errors on the GTX260 cards.

BOINC testing
Another new one released. Well actually a few versions in quick succession. Currently its up to 6.10.24 with some fairly major changes to how it accumulates debt and therefore shares resources with multiple projects. It also has been built using a later version of the libcurl library that doesn't cache IP addresses, so it handles project servers going off-line better.

Seti donations
Its donation time for the Seti guys. I got an email from them asking for a donation to help support their plans for 2010. Interesting this one was "signed" by Dan Werthimer. He normally keeps a low profile on the web site. One of the volunteers (Blurf) who used to do the donation drives has decided to take a break from Seti for a while.

While many people are happy to do crunching for Seti only a small percentage (I think its about half a percent) actually donate to the project. Anyway its out with the plastic to help them out.

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