25 December 2009

Xmas 2009

Its christmas here in Sydney and all is quiet. Well Maul was the only machine running.

Ahh the memories
As mentioned in the previous post I was trying to finalise the memory upgrades. It turns out that 2 of the 5 sets are faulty. One set gave errors when used and I swapped it out in favor of another set. Another set reported 4Gb at boot-up instead of the 6Gb that I paid for.

Both sets were returned to the computer shop early in the week for replacement under warranty. While I was there I ordered another 2 sets, so a couple of the machines (if the memory works) will have 12Gb.

Intel i9
I was reading up on the Intel i9 processor which is slated for release in the 1st quarter of 2010. Its actually an i7-980x. Its a hex-core version of the i7 with hyper threading. Supposedly should be available as a new chip and a BIOS upgrade required to recognise it for my Asus P6T's.

Seti power outage
The Seti project is having a couple of power outages. One on the 27th of December and another on the 3rd of January. Apparently there is some fairly major electrical work going on "up the hill" where the Space Sciences Lab is located at UC Berkeley.

Due to this power outage I have been running down the Seti work and will concentrate on a few other projects for a week or two. For the machines that have 6Gb memory I have started running some climate prediction work (it uses a fair bit of memory).

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