06 December 2009

NEZ resigns

Another warm week here, so half the machines remain dormant.

NEZ forced resignation
This guy was the top ranking user at Seti@home. Apparently he was the IT director for Higley Unified School District. Its alleged that he was running BOINC on their computers without their permission. Seti@home project scientist Dr Eric Korpela has posted an FAQ and comments:


Nvidia drivers
They have released the 195.62 drivers which support CUDA 3.0. Unfortunately the CUDA run-time and the FFT libraries are still in beta. I installed the drivers on Kirk and ran some Seti work and then some GPUgrid work using CUDA 2.3 libraries. This worked fine on Windows XP so I have now installed it on Spock. Its running a GPUgrid work unit at the moment on Windows 7 64 bit.

Windows 7 upgrades
I haven't updated the other machines yet as I am concerned about the multi-GPU issues with the Windows 7 drivers. From what most people have been saying it requires the use of dummy plugs on the back of the graphics card, otherwise windows won't recognise the 2nd GPU. I don't have any dummy plugs.

Chekov crashes
As mentioned last week Chekov has crashes at startup. I think this is being caused by the beta ATI drivers which worked fine in 32 bit, but after upgrading to Win 7 64 bit didn't. I will be putting the latest release catalyst drivers on it this week.

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