12 February 2011

12th of February

Nothing new again this week.

BOINC testing
6.12.14 came out yesterday. I've upgraded a few machines with it. Nothing new really for windows users in this one.

File server
It went back to the shop this morning. They worked on it for a few hours, with me looking on. They flashed the BIOS (that took a couple of hours as it has to be done from a floppy and the machine doesn't have a floppy drive). That didn't make any difference and it still insisted one drive was degraded. We used the Adaptec controller and it doesn't do raid 5, so back to the Intel one. It still thinks one drive is degraded, after doing a high-level format as a non-raid drive. At that point I left them to it. They we going to low-level format the offending drive when I left.

The memory is still an issue, and they will address that later. I provided invoice numbers and dates so they can return them to their supplier for a credit and give me memory that works.

It was sitting on the same bench at the shop as the file server when I went in this morning. The shop has yet to replace the memory in it.

Project news - Seti
They are having trouble with one of their storage servers with it refusing to resync raid drives. Sound a bit like my problems. There is no new work being distributed and those that have completed work can't report it at the moment.

We have asked what additional hardware they need as it seems hard drives are failing quite regularly on the older machines, but they haven't been able to give a definitive list.

Software updates
Windows update has been giving out a fair few fixes in the last couple of weeks, so i'll run around and update each machine. Maul is fairly up to date as its running most days. There is also the nvidia driver and BOINC to bring up to the latest version on each one. Not a big deal but it all takes time and usually a reboot or two.

Update 13 Feb: It seems the nvidia control panel won't work on Win 7 x64 with a GTX295 when using 266.58 drivers. So i've had to go back to the 260.99 drivers on this machine.

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