08 February 2011

8th of February

Nope, nothing new this week. Actually I haven't looked at my stats for a week or so.

Once again it was hot. Saturday got up to 40 degrees, so of course everything was off. Sunday fortunately cooled off, so I managed to get a couple of machines going.

BOINC testing
We got 6.12.13 during the week. The main difference is a change to the user accounts that it creates for the sandbox installation (ie running as a service). I don't run it that way as it doesn't allow cuda apps to run under Vista or Windows 7 due to Microsoft's security features.

Well it went back last weekend as it kept locking up. It seems the Corsair memory is not what it claims to be. Allegedly they are rated for 1600Mhz (its printed on each stick), but running a memory test on them at that speed gets errors. The memory tester identifies them as PC10600, which should mean they are rated for 1325Mhz. Somewhat shy of 1600Mhz as printed on them.

The i7-920 never had a problem with them, but the i7-970 can presumably push them to their limit and beyond. The good thing is they have a limited lifetime warranty, so the shop will be replacing them with Kingstone Memory - when they get stock.

File server
My what a pretty case it has. The case is a Fractal Designs R3 in white. Its beautiffuly painted in white enamel inside and out.

Pity it too had problems. Apart from only thinking it has 2Gb of RAM when it actually had 3Gb it also decided the raid drives were degraded. Only problem is it wouldn't repair them which is the whole idea of having a raid 5 array.

It was painfully slow copying files across the network to it. On top of that the proxy server seems to take forever to do its job. Does anyone else run Squid 2.7 on Windows Server 2008?

All in all rather a let down. It will be off to the shop this weekend. It might be time to find another computer shop given all the recent problems with upgrades.

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